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The Scented Lair - A sweet & chic bath and body boutique!

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  • Handmade Soaps! - Luxury handmade soaps are here at TSL! .

  • Potion Parfum! - fine, handcrafted eau de parfums, made with the finest essential and fragrance oils from our Scent Menu Bar & a high-quality perfumer's base.
    Available in 1 oz. size and 3 ml. sample size!

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The Scented Lair - A sweet & chic bath and body boutique!

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Customer Reviews
In Treatment
In Treatment Forever!

Wow, just tried a sample Nancy sent me of this incredible hair mask. First of all, I was thinking that a hair mask would be so rich that it would weigh down my straight thin hair ..but not so! After recently losing a lot of weight, I found an unfortunate side effect has been hair loss and harder to manage tangles. After using In Treatment, I found the tangled mess to be manageable, my dry ends have smoothed out and styling was easier with less hair loss. My hair actually looks healthy! A fan of She She Dish--(which was great when my hair was in good shape..) I might have to switch--forever! I would highly recommend as an alternative conditioner!

Reviewed by: artcoord1
100% YES YES YES!!

Triple whipped, beautifully rich and how did she do that? decadent body butter! If your budget won't allow, use as super fab hand cream, if you buy with wanton abandonment, buy many many jars--it's the top of the line for extra moisture. A little goes a long way and it keeps your skin moist and plump all day. If your an old MMS fiend, it reminds me of a whipped, more slick version of Body Custard. Super yummy indeed!

Reviewed by: artcoord1

Out of all of the creams and butters that I have tried, Lavish has to be my favourite. The texture is somewhere between a cream and a gel, it applies so nicely and sinks in without any greasiness. Leaves skin feeling silky and smooth and holds scents amazingly well!

Reviewed by: Twinkle Bat
Sugar Puss
Creamy Scrub Goodness

A nice creamy scrub, wonderfully moisturising as well as cleansing. Fantastic in any sweet or fruity scents.

Reviewed by: wicca303
Scrub Of Java
Gets the job done

If you like harder/thorough scrubbing, this one's for you. I love the fact that it's not too oily or sticky, so that the scrubby particles lay loose on the skin and you can give it an extra scrub with your hands. Very heavy on the coffee scent, sure to wake you up! Best paired with warm, foody scents.

Reviewed by: Nucstar