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The Scented Lair - A sweet & chic bath and body boutique!

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Welcome to The Scented Lair! ~We are open for business!

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  • Handmade Soaps! - Luxury handmade soaps are here at TSL! .

  • Potion Parfum! - fine, handcrafted perfumes made with grade A perfumer's base (alcohol-base). Available in 1 oz. size and 3 ml. sample size! (50% off this weekend!)

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The Scented Lair - A sweet & chic bath and body boutique!

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Customer Reviews
In Treatment
In Treatment Forever!

Wow, just tried a sample Nancy sent me of this incredible hair mask. First of all, I was thinking that a hair mask would be so rich that it would weigh down my straight thin hair ..but not so! After recently losing a lot of weight, I found an unfortunate side effect has been hair loss and harder to manage tangles. After using In Treatment, I found the tangled mess to be manageable, my dry ends have smoothed out and styling was easier with less hair loss. My hair actually looks healthy! A fan of She She Dish--(which was great when my hair was in good shape..) I might have to switch--forever! I would highly recommend as an alternative conditioner!

Reviewed by: artcoord1
Angel Mist
Sheela Blue

I love Angel Mist. I have it in Cherry Blossom. Love it , love it, love it.

Reviewed by: claudia
Purity Perfume
My Scent Saviour

I can't wear spray perfumes often because they make me sneeze. So being able to get so many amazing scents in a perfume I can use frequently is a brilliant.

Reviewed by: wicca303
Arm Candy
A must-have for every occasion

JV is a gentle yet strong enough deodorant that will leave your armpits dry and perfectly perfumed during the day (or night). I found out that JV keeps me fresh, even after a workout, which cannot be said from a lot of other (well-known) brands of deodorants! The great thing is that you can choose from so many different scents, so that your deodorant always matches the rest of your beauty products. The mini-JV is cute and an ideal size to put in your hand- or gymbag. I would say - JV is a must-have for everyone!

Reviewed by: MulderBarb
Arm Candy

So happy to find this site! This deodorant works soooooo well, and smells incredible! I chose Dreamboats and Petticoats and really couldn't be happier. I've used natural deodorants for over 10 years, and this is the best I've ever found, AND in my all time favorite scent. Thank you Nancy!

Reviewed by: mjbayliss