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The Scented Lair - A sweet & chic bath and body boutique!

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Welcome to The Scented Lair! We are open for business!

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The Lair's 4 New Scents

Always In My Heart - ..one deep inhalation and you are instantly transported to your own personal love story, ..or two! Coconut is the main star in this languid and very sensual scent. Lashings of fresh and creamy are added by infusing White Vanilla, Iris and White Grapefruit. The Grapefruit note is barely detected, it simply adds lift and freshness to this gorgeous sniff. ~a scented lair original!

Limerence - An obsessive melange of the Raspberry fruit, blended into a White Sandalwood and Dark Chocolate base. Haunting and delectable, ..it's Raspberry gone very dark and seductive! ~a scented lair original!

Nostalgia - ..the scent of candy-coated, Toasted Almond, ..and thick, sublime Coconut Cream, that's been warmed and lightly sprinkled with Cardamom and Cinnamon! Sweet lashings of Vanilla Absolut and Honey flow through this scent, heightening all of the other plush notes! One whiff and fond memories occur! ~a scented lair original!

Pistachio Cream Gateau - The tantalizing aroma of this gourmand delight, releases the most delectable aromas of fresh Pistachio and Yellow Cake-like top notes; followed by a creamy, rich middle; and finishes with a sweet vanilla and sugar base note. ~a scented lair original!

The Scented Lair - A sweet & chic bath and body boutique!

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Customer Reviews
The Dish
Don't be put off by the texture

It feels more like a lotion, and doesn't glop on heavily like most conditioners do, so you will find you may use a bit more product than you are used to. And you may think "how is this going to moisturize my hair when it's not all gloppy and oily like I'm used to?" -- It's all good though - my processed (color and permed) hair LOVES this product, makes it look very soft and healthy, though without the blinding high shine that some conditioners give you (probably because of the unhealthy, build-up causing ingredients they have that She She Dish doesn't!). That is fine with me. As with the She She Poo, I would have liked this to be more strongly scented. I got very little sense of the scent I requested - this product smelled almost exactly like the She She Poo even though I ordered them with different scents.

Reviewed by: shmal
Purity Perfume
LOVE this oil!

I have severe allergies so I haven't been able to wear perfume for years. Purity perfume is amazing! The scents are gorgeous and the oils don't irritate my sensitive skin. PLEASE don't ever stop making this product!

Reviewed by: llexiumm
After Bath
After Bath and then some!

Ahhh...beautiful So. California weather..blue skies, sunny and...super dry...24/7..remedy? After Bath. That's it. Beautiful dry oil that sinks in to your skin without being greasy. As a total body cream junkie..I can tell you this is a fabulous alternative used either alone or under it's matching (and oh so stylish packaging too ) body cream (depending upon how cracked your skin is....). It retains fragrance beautifully and keeps your perfume "set". Love that it now completes the "Hollywood" image--blue skies, eternal sunshine --and dewey skin that rivals our favorite stars! Thanks daaling!

Reviewed by: artcoord1
SIlk is definitely the word!

I got a samlpe of this in my recent order and I was so impressed that when I did my next one I ordered 5 or 6 in different scents. The texture is lovely and creamy but when you put it on and rub in it suddenly feels almost powdery leaving your skin silky without being shiny and no greasy leftovers. This would work with any scent but I think the vanilla, chocolate and sweeter scents are made for this. Give it a go you won't be disappointed.

Reviewed by: wicca303
Arm Candy
Fabulously effective

Like other reviewers, I've tried many a 'cruelty-free' and natural deo... and this is by far the best, IMHO. I am very very pleased to have found it! I got some in Fresh Snow, so as well as working, it has the added advantage of smelling AMAZINGLY fresh and lovely... but I trust it to work in all scents: it lasts for many many hours, even on hot sticky days, and I agree too that its consistency is fab and versatile: it's been from boiling hot to freezing cold countries with me, and never suffered. Truly excellent product. Yay!

Reviewed by: Lady Godiva