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The Scented Lair - A sweet & chic bath and body boutique!

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Welcome to The Scented Lair! ~We are open for business!

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The Scented Lair - A sweet & chic bath and body boutique!

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Customer Reviews
Scrub Of Java
Lovely Treat

I love using this once a week to give my skin a thorough cleanse. Nice and scrubby without being overly abrasive. Works well in any chocolately scent.

Reviewed by: wicca303
Scrub Of Java
Gets the job done

If you like harder/thorough scrubbing, this one's for you. I love the fact that it's not too oily or sticky, so that the scrubby particles lay loose on the skin and you can give it an extra scrub with your hands. Very heavy on the coffee scent, sure to wake you up! Best paired with warm, foody scents.

Reviewed by: Nucstar
Angel Mist
Amazing scent and detangles too.

I love these. I tend to like layering scents so you can really smell them all day and Angel Mist is perfect for that. They are very light weight nd can easily be carried around in your bag. My current favourite scent is Amour Cocoa, but come summer I love Wild Love Spell. I currently have 6 different Angel Mists with another 6 on the way in my last order. But for me Angel Mist is not just about the scent they are also great for detangling your hair; I have fairly curly and frizzy hair, after I wash and condition I give it a light spray with Angel Mist and it's so easy to get the comb through, and it doesn't leave my hair greasy like so many 'leave-in' conditioners can. Brilliant multi use product.

Reviewed by: wicca303
Arm Candy
Fabulously effective

Like other reviewers, I've tried many a 'cruelty-free' and natural deo... and this is by far the best, IMHO. I am very very pleased to have found it! I got some in Fresh Snow, so as well as working, it has the added advantage of smelling AMAZINGLY fresh and lovely... but I trust it to work in all scents: it lasts for many many hours, even on hot sticky days, and I agree too that its consistency is fab and versatile: it's been from boiling hot to freezing cold countries with me, and never suffered. Truly excellent product. Yay!

Reviewed by: Lady Godiva
very good stuff

I bought several of these and I really like them. As I have also bought many angelmists and quite a few roll-ons, I use the french connections when I want a stronger scent on me. They are small enough to fit in any handbag, look cute and last a long time. So far I have never had an allergic reaction to any of Nancys products and didn't have one on the french connections, either. I'd recommend those if you want something smallerand/or stronger than an angelmist or prefer to spray your products rather than roll them on like the purity perfume.

Reviewed by: yavanna