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The Scented Lair - A sweet & chic bath and body boutique!

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  • Handmade Soaps! - Luxury handmade soaps are here at TSL! .

  • Potion Parfum! - fine, handcrafted eau de parfums, made with the finest essential and fragrance oils from our Scent Menu Bar & a high-quality perfumer's base.
    Available in 1 oz. size and 3 ml. sample size!

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The Scented Lair - A sweet & chic bath and body boutique!

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Customer Reviews
Cracked Up
Wonder product!

I've spent years - decades, in fact - trying to find something to soften my feet in cold, drying winters, when they get really REALLY horribly dry and scratchy (ew!)... I've never yet found anything except oils, which are (a) not long-lasting in effect, and (b) a hassle and a slip hazard! But this cream works; it is AMAZING! I got my first pot a week ago, and have had perfectly moisturised, gorgeous-smelling feet ever since. I don't even use much. It is a true wonder product, and I am in awe!

Reviewed by: Lady Godiva
  No Image Found
Ultimate Smooth

Really lovely product. I´m so so happy that I can pick every scent I want to moisturize my skin. Leaves a wonderfull softly skin. (Great in combination with Scrub of Java ;) )

Reviewed by: hexenstecken
Angel Mist
Sheela Blue

I love Angel Mist. I have it in Cherry Blossom. Love it , love it, love it.

Reviewed by: claudia
Purity Perfume
perfect roll-on

I have bought many roll-ons from Nancy in the past and I gotta say, I loved them all! They also travel with me in my bag, my purse or my rucksack and I love them almost as much as the angelmists. Those are the holy grail for me ^^ But back to the roll-ons ... In my order a few days ago I got Blood Sucker and Karma in Love and they smell so amazingly that I can't stop sniffing myself. They are the perfect size, none of them ever leaked and I still have some from the old MMS days and from perfumatory days ... If for whatever reason you are not a friend of spray-on's, try these roll-ons, you won't get disappointed. They are lovely. Oh and btw - my oldest one is 5 years old and still good :)

Reviewed by: yavanna
Angel Mist

This one is great to layer with other products in your favorite scent, so you can smell like it from top to toe! Handy if you don't like oil of alcohol based perfumes. Also nice to use as linen spray. Or keep them in the fridge and use them to cool down skin during summer... it's the most versatile product in my opinion!

Reviewed by: Nucstar