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The Scented Lair - A sweet & chic bath and body boutique!

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Welcome to The Scented Lair! ~We are open for business!

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  • Handmade Soaps! - Luxury handmade soaps are here at TSL! .

  • Potion Parfum! - fine, handcrafted perfumes made with grade A perfumer's base (alcohol-base). Available in 1 oz. size and 3 ml. sample size! (50% off this weekend!)

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The Scented Lair - A sweet & chic bath and body boutique!

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Customer Reviews
Purity Perfume
LOVE this oil!

I have severe allergies so I haven't been able to wear perfume for years. Purity perfume is amazing! The scents are gorgeous and the oils don't irritate my sensitive skin. PLEASE don't ever stop making this product!

Reviewed by: llexiumm
Arm Candy

So happy to find this site! This deodorant works soooooo well, and smells incredible! I chose Dreamboats and Petticoats and really couldn't be happier. I've used natural deodorants for over 10 years, and this is the best I've ever found, AND in my all time favorite scent. Thank you Nancy!

Reviewed by: mjbayliss
love, love, love :)

this is the perfect dry weather/winter goody of choice. i have used this on hands. feet, alligator legs. this year is a new season of kidlets and chapped noses/upper lip. it really helped me heal the baby noses and lips without much fussing or resistance. and these boys like to put up a fight! i love having this product on hand...i definitely can't live without it now! i can see myself using this for summer on my legs as well

Reviewed by: cinnamongurlee
Purity Perfume
Exquisite and Economical

Purity Perfume is - for me - one of the best products MMU offers. I love the diversity in scents and the fact that you only need just a tiny bit in order to smell divine all day long. Whenever I use Purity Perfume, it always gives me a luxurious feeling, like I am wearing an extraordinary expensive perfume. I am quite a scent-snob and I really dislike cheap-smelling, industrial colognes and perfume. With Purity Perfume I never get this feeling. And still the price is absolutely reasonable! I always like to order the sample-size with my order, in this way I can try out as many different scents as possible. And I must say, I already found some favourites!

Reviewed by: MulderBarb
Arm Candy

This stuff is my favorite deodorant ever! It IS really effective against odour and last all day. I'm happy it's back.

Reviewed by: fleur